What Makes One Function A Hit And Another One A Disaster?

Many times, I wonder that what are those tits bits party or function tips that make some parties become talk of the town and some functions worth millions become a major disaster.

function tipsWell, I guess it is not always about money, to make any function or party hit. Just because you are spending lot of cash to throw a party that doesn’t necessarily means your party is going to be successful. Here are some important ideas in my opinion that can make a party function hit…

Have a genuine smile on your face

Nobody likes a broody face in party but at the same time laughing and smiling unnecessarily is also not a sign of confidence. Keep yourself in a good mood and let your eyes smile rather than your lips.

Give attention to every guest in the party

It is very important that being a host you should give attention to every guest who comes to your party and no one should feel left out. If you think, some guests are more important and need more attention than others then sit with them for 10 minutes then take their permission and go around greeting and talking with other guests, later you can come back to your special guests again.

Have an experienced cook and service staff

No matter how big and lavish your party is, it will be a disaster if food is not good in taste and quantity. If food is in abundance but bad in taste then nobody will appreciate it and if food is very tasty but less and many guests didn’t even get enough then your function will be a sure disaster. This is one of the most important function tips for making a party successful to give utmost care to food quality and quantity. Make sure to hire an experienced cook and catering staff to cook hygienic and tasty food and in right quantity.

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