Function Planning Is Easier With Quick Tips From The Experts

Event planners know that being prepared for any situation is essential for successful function planning.

function planningTo help you out, we have some expert tips that we are passing along to help make your functions more productive and make your next event go smoother.

1. When you book a block of hotel rooms, part of your function planning should be to contact the sales director of the hotel and see if you can get a break on cancellation fees. There may be another event scheduled and a hotel will release your rooms to someone else without charging you, saving your clients money.

2. When you have a site visit, get there an hour early. That way you can see if the property fits in with the level of conference or event you are booking when no one expects you. Part of successful function planning is averting disasters before they happen, like booking a poor venue.

3. If you have a lot of badges attached to lanyards to hand out, use jewelry trees to display them on the registration table. The lanyards won’t get tangled and the display makes the table look full and professional.

4. Put reserved signs on the back rows of the venue. Most people who attend an event want to sit in the back, leaving the speaker talking to empty chairs in the front. When the front seats are full, you can remove the signs. This function planning tip will save you a lot of time as people will automatically sit in the front where you want them to. Besides, you may have other function planning duties to attend to, and moving seated guests to the front may be awkward.

5. Many function planning disasters can be avoided if you have a toolbox full of emergency supplies with you. Emergency supplies include different kinds of tape, scissors, box cutters, multi-head screwdrivers, markers, sewing kits, and anything else that you might need in a pinch. A plastic tool box is easy to carry around and can be a lifesaver if you run into a small emergency that can be fixed in seconds.

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